Tian Xing Kiln was established on what is now called "Jiji Green Tunnel" in 1955. 

Lead by First Chairman Ms. Lin-Chen, Mei (林陳梅女士, grandmother of the present Chairman) and her sons - Mr. Lin, Tian-qiao (林天鍫) and Mr. Lin, Shuang-xi (林雙喜, second Chairman, father of the present Chairman).
During its heyday the kiln produced water basins, pots, vases, and roof tiles, along with curios and items for everyday use.
Workers placing roof tiles under the sun for dry.
Craftman using kick wheel at early stage.

The second Chairman Mr. Lin, Shuang-xi (林雙喜).

In the 1980s, as the Taiwan pottery industry waned, it became part of a multi-use art village system that combined cultural ceramics with tourism. 

Three years later, we decreased the production of stone-ware and started to develope "Life Ceramic Art" series to build our own characteristic. We opened up the DIY Ceramic Activity for public at the same year. 

In 1989, after finishing the constraction of "Ceramic Classroom", we officially included "DIY Ceramic Activity" in our service.
As the "Life Ceramic Art" series and "DIY Ceramic Activity" went popular, we built a whole new Sales Center, sencond "Ceramic Classroom", large parking lot, "Fengziling Gallery" around 1990~1999.
The old snake kiln which we built when established, in continuous use since 1955, It is currently the oldest kiln in Taiwan still in production.