Public Transportation
1。 Take All-Da bus towards Shueili at Gancheng Station near Taichung Railway Station. Disembark at Feng-tzu-lin station, or just tell the bus driver you want to go to Tian Xing Kiln.
2。 Take Jiji Line at Taichung Railway Station. 
Disembark at Longquan Station and walk towards Jiji about 8 to 10 minutes.
Link to Taiwan Railways Administration
3。 The distance is about 5 kilo meters between Tian Xing Kiln and Jiji Railway Station.
You may rent a bicycle near the station, it would take about 30 minutes. 
You may also rent a auto-bicycle, it would take about 10 minutes.
By Car
Take National Freeway No. 3 → Take Exit Mingjian → Go along Provincial Road No. 16 → Turn left on County Road No. 152 → Go along the road about 3.5 kilo meters, Tian Xing Kiln is on the right hand side.
GPS:120°45"24.8" , 23°49"54.1"

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