Snake kiln is one of the wood-fired kilns, it’s the traditional kiln from Fuzhou in China. It’s using in the pottery for more than 300 years. The body is long and thin. The Emperor’s kilns called the dragon kiln, but the civilian"s called the snake kiln.

In the last hundred years, more and more snake kilns were built because of the demand of potteries.

Our snake kiln was built in 1955 when we establish the factory. In 1960, we built another kiln to increase the output.

Around 1980s, the whole society was chaning, the plastic, glass industry become popular, so we tear the other kiln down by 1986.

This kiln was the first kiln we built in 1955. It"s one of the oldest kilns which is older than 30 years.

Profile of Jiji Snake Kiln
60 years old. Burned over than 1500 times; 30 times after 921 earthquake up to today.
Medical Records & Health Condition
Partial repair and entirely repair for 10-odd-times. (Including rebuilding after 921 earthquake.)
The body is 22.7 kilo meters long and the head is 6 kilo meters long.
It"s 28.7 kilo meters long in total and 3.6 kilo meters high. 
The chimney is 6 kilo meter high.
The gradient is 15 degree. It has 3 doors, 25 windows each side, 2 stoves and 1 air vent. One of the doors was sealed.
It can produce more than 60 water vats, hundreds of wine bottles and 7000 to 8000 pieces of glass tiles.
It would burn about 18 to 24 metric tons of woods.
Present Duty
It"s open for visitors everyday. People could walk along inside to see the burning trace.
To maintain the kiln, we still burn it twice to three times a year for it’s the spirit of this ceramic park.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Door
It"s open for visitors everyday. 
The door will seal with bricks and clay while burning.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Arrange Semi-finished Porcelain
Before firing the kiln, craftsman need to place the semi-finished potteries inside it. It has to be very carful with details otherwise the potteries go crack while firing.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Main Stokehole
We use wood to fire the kiln, so it"s also been called "Wooden Fire Kiln". Temperature was holding by craftsman, so they have to look after the kiln during firing for 24 hours, 3 shifts a day.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Stoke eyes
This picture was the last step - firing at the sotke eyes. After firing the main stokehold to 1250℃, craftsman would move to the chamber.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Inside
Doors would be sealed with bricks and mud while firing.
It"s opened everyday for visitors when it"s not firing.
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Wooden-fire Products
充滿芬多精的綠色隧道 Wooden-fire Products