Life Art Ceramic
With our sixty-year experience, we provide Life Art Ceramic for you to raise the quality of life.
Our product includes tableware, vases, tea sets, wine bottles and decorations.
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Bamboo Carcoal Ceramic
In 2005, Tian Xing Kiln started working on research and development ‘Bamboo Charcoal Ceramic’ (abbr. B.C. Ceramic) with I.T.R.I..
B.C. Ceramic is manufactured with high quality Taiwan bamboo charcoal powder, which can emit far infrared rays at wavelengths appropriate to human.
It could prevent tea and rice from moisture and preserve flavor appearance; and improve wine"s taste appearance. It can be added to food or beverage to make them more tasteful and more nutritious. Also can be worn to enhance blood circulation and metablism. It’s beneficial to the general health of the user.  
The B.C. products include tableware, tea sets, wine bottles, vases and personal ornaments.
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